Sept 21 2022

Knitting and crochet projects? Will I ever have time to draw? I'm too tired. I need to be sleeping 7 hours a night. Have I been too social? Or does the blue light kill me? Bullet jounrnal and two calendars almost does it. Well, let's throw in Habitica and gamify nicotine withdrawl. Been a year or so and there's never a good time and I already feel cranky (easily managed) so why not.

Need to accumulate 5,000 long V-S. I'm only at 136 according to my notebook. Maybe try to do at least 5-10 a day just to get the ball rolling.

Sunday I skipped puja to see penguins and fish with the gals. I fell asleep in the car. The day before I picked apples and baked pie with a friend. The corn maze was short. It seems like my social life is on a monthly cycle. If I haven't seen someone in a month I will likely soon? Quite odd. I'd prefer to consolidate. On the other hand one on one time is important too.

As usual roller derby and boardgames interfere with eachother, much to my dismay. And I never quite know when my body and brain want to start processing stuff.